The state of the roads - Croydon

This is the stump of a lampost which has been fatally injured in a road traffic accident and has been bandaged with yellow tape to prevent anyone getting near the electrics. On one short journey today from Croydon to West Wickham, I spotted no less than eight stumps like this. It turns out that they are on a red route and that responsibility for them rests with Transport for London (TfL).

Here are the locations:

  • Fairfield Roundabout - near the Fairfield Halls
  • Addiscombe Road - near junction with Elgin Road
  • Shirley Road - near entrance to Whitgift Trinity School
  • Wickham Road - outside No. 17
  • Wickham Road - diagonally opposite Shirley Library
  • Wickham Road - outside No. 395
  • Wickham Road - outside No. 421
  • Wickham Road - outside No. 590

You can all see what TfL are doing about it by going to their existing fault page and entering Reference 10050497 !


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