The state of the roads - Croydon - update

Before TfL start moaning that I am maligning them, I will report that I drove along the Wickham Road today and was pleased to notice that at least three of the stumps I reported below now have new lamposts standing beside them.

Traffic lights in Coulsdon were faulty: 10055457. Were speedily fixed.

Possibly on the night time program only, the length of the green phase for vehicles emerging from Lion Green Road into the Brighton Road is ridiculously short - I have timed it at 6 or 8 seconds. 10056317

Junction of Brighton Road and Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon. A button appears to be stuck on these lights so that they are going into a pedestrian phase every few minutes. I reported this recently under ticket 10055457. It was speedily fixed but the fault seems to have come back. New ticket: 10056381.