The state of the roads - İstanbul

My son George dragged me off to İstanbul for a few days recently. When I got back and showed my photos in the office, I took a lot of stick from Ulaş, our tame Turk about this picture. He complained that with all the wonderful sights and sites in the city, all I could do was photograph a pavement. This is in Sıraselviler Caddesi a reasonably main street in Beyoğlu in the centre of İstanbul. I say that a British road engineer would never allow pavements to get this bad because he would be afraid that someone would trip, injure themselves and sue the council for lots of money.

But to show Ulaş that I am even-handed, here is this example of lack of road maintenance right here in Croydon.

And here is an example from Algrve.


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